Stanton – Roughs Pond 01/08/21

The match this week was on Roughs pond and due to the popularity of home matches it was full to capacity yet again.  The match got off to a great start with people catching from all over the pond.

Shaun Fogg on Peg 1 was making a good start catching Carp, fishing to the net on pellets.  Carl Wilson on Peg 24 had a quick look down his margin and was straight into a Carp on corn.  Dieter Woodings on Peg 18 also got of to a good start catching a big Carp on his first put in.  There was also loads of silver being caught and everyone seemed to be catching.

As the match progressed Carl Wilson and Shaun Fogg were still catching well and looked to be the ones in front.  John Low on Peg 2 was starting to catch Carp, fishing paste and Ian Shaw on Peg 15 was catching in spells, going into the last hour.  Club Favorite Craig Logan on Peg 21 had been catching Skimmers steadily but was now starting to catch Carp and F1’s and was really putting the pressure on both Carl and Shaun.

1st  Craig Logan – 37lb 5oz

2nd  Shaun Fogg – 34lb 6oz

3rd  Carl Wilson – 32lb 13oz

4th  John Low – 28lb

Section 1  Carl Haslam – 15lb 2oz

Section 2  Ian Shaw – 24lb 4oz

Section 3  Ian Bradley – 19lb 13oz