Club Rules

  1. That this Club be called “THE STANTON FISHING CLUB”.
  2. That the business of the club be conducted by a Chairman, Secretary, Match Secretary, Treasurer and a Committee of five or more members; to be elected at the Annual Meeting each year; five to form a quorum.
  3. That the Secretary shall call an extraordinary meeting of members provided 12 members send a signed request to that effect.
  4. That no senior member be allowed to fish with more than two rods and junior members one rod; to occupy more than 10 yards of fishing grounds, or to fish within 10 yards of any other person without his permission.
  5. A third rod is allowed at Chadwicks only for an additional payment of £5.00. Permit only available from the Club secretary. A further permit is required for night fishing on Chadwicks Only at a cost of £25.00 this is only available from the club secretary. Do not fish more than halfway across on any pond. No angler can fish from one peg and restrict another angler from fishing from any other peg. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. Night Line, Bank Lines and Netting prohibited. All offenders expelled and prosecuted. Dogs must be kept under proper control.
  7. That a minute concerning Committee business once passed shall stand for the current season, unless every member of the Committee present at the meeting be in agreement for alteration.
  8. Pike fishing dead baits, only with the exception of Chadwicks Pond where live bait caught on Chadwicks can be used. Live bait transferred from other waters is NOT ALLOWED under any CIRCUMSTANCES. (see rule 14)
  9. That the Club shall appoint Water Bailiffs.
  10. A member on being reported committing wilful damage to fences, hedges etc., or omitting to close gates on land he may have permission to go on to fish, or at any time doing any act which may bring discredit on the Club, shall be asked to appear before the Committee and on the same being proved punished at the Committee’s discretion.
  11. No Day Tickets or Friends Permits allowed on Stanton Fishing Club’s waters, season ticket only. Female members can join the club at the same fees as the male members.
  12. Patrons shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting or a special General Meeting called for that purpose.
  13. No fish to be removed from Club Waters without written permission from the Committee.
  14. All members shall renew their membership annually. Membership shall commence 1st April each year and expire 1st April the following year. Please enclose membership number and stamped addressed envelope with renewals. Do not enclose Membership Books or you will be unable to fish until the next season begins. All applications to the club secretary at: 43 Leyton Crescent, Beeston Rylands, Nottingham, NG9 1PR, and can be applied for from March.
  15. The financial year shall end on February 1st.
  16. That any member shall ascertain that none but bona fide members shall fish the waters and that if circumstances require, he shall demand to see the card of membership.
  17. No alteration can be made to these rules except at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting and a month’s notice in writing must be given, and a vote of at least two-thirds majority of those present shall be necessary in favor of such alterations before it can be adopted.
  18. Should anything occur not provided for in the rules, the circumstances shall be submitted to the Committee whose decision shall be final.
  19. Resolutions for the A.G.M. must be submitted in writing before the A.G.M.
  20. Sweetcorn TINS, Luncheon Meat TINS and any other bait in TINS are banned from Club Waters.
  21. No unofficial matches may take place without the prior permission of the Match Secretary.
  22. Nets of at least 36″ span and unhooking mats must be used when specimen fishing. Use of hand towels to handle fish is completely banned. No fish to be unhooked on bare ground or Grass.
  23. The use of any type of nut is strictly banned in all Stanton F.C. waters.
  24. Strictly no pre-baiting allowed in all Stanton F.C. waters.
  25. No members are allowed to drive on or around the football pitches, please use the car parks provided.
  26. Members sitting on the Stanton Committee must have no other Committee, Bailiffing or any other managements commitments to another Angling Club.
  27. Any members wishing to join the Stanton Fishing Club Commitee must submit their application in writing one month before the A.G.M. or at the last Committee Meeting before the A.G.M.
  28. All keep nets must be laid out to dry on the bank for a minimum of 15 minutes before being placed in the water.
  29. All forms of drugs to be banned from any part of the club’s property, any person caught using or carrying drugs will be subject to an immediate suspension and potential ban from the club.
  30.  Only barbless hooks can be used with the only exception being for predator fishing i.e. Pike, Perch and Eels. All anglers must allow inspection of all lines and rigs when requested by the bailiff.
  31.  All junior members must be accompanied by an adult aged over 18 years.

No night fishing allowed – Exception Chadwicks Pond ( see rule 5 )
Anybody found breaking this rule will be banned from the club for life.

Scraping for bloodworm in any club water is banned.

No parking on canal bank – all cars must be parked in car parks.

The times of fishing shall be:
From one hour before sunrise, to one hour after lighting up time as stated in the national press.

Members are not allowed on the bank side except for the hours allowed for fishing.

All queries and entries to secretary or match secretary respectively not before 8am or after 8pm on any day. this rule to be adhered to at all times.


A plea of ignorance to these rules shall be no excuse.