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Brailsford Horseshoe 13-06-2021

The match this week was on the popular Horseshoe Pond at Brailsford.  Pegs 21 and 26 fished the best the last time we were at the venue and when Ian Bradley and Ian Shaw drew these numbers they couldn’t get to the pegs quick enough!

Craig Radford drew the Golden Peg this week and he could not have got off to a better start, catching a Carp on his very first put in quickly followed by a second fishing shallow.  However, it was a lot slower for the rest on the competitors.  Ade Knighton blanked on the previous match and was determined to make amends this week, but he unfortunately lost a number of fish and failed to weigh in for the second week running. Club Favorite Craig Logan was on Peg 3 and was catching steady fishing shallow, but the pond was still fishing hard with loads of fish being lost.

Coming into the last 2hrs saw more people starting to catch. Carl Wilson on Peg 9 was now catching by fishing shallow and a switch to his margin in the last hour saw him put some better stamp Carp in the net.  Ian Shaw on Peg 26 was catching down his margin and Jim Marcer was  also starting to catch well. As time was called Craig Radford looked to have done enough to win the match and the Bonus Golden Peg but as always it would come down to the scales to decide.  When the scales arrived at his peg Craig Logan was winning with 66lb – unluckily for Radford his fish only went 52lb.

1st  Craig Logan – 66lb 5oz

2nd  Radford – 52lb 6oz

3rd  Jim Marcer – 45lb 3oz

Section 1  Carl Wilson – 42lb 9oz

Section 2  Ian Shaw – 36lb 5oz


June 6th – Beechwood Kingfisher

This was the first match of the Summer League, it was nice to see many returning faces and a few new ones.

As we arrived at the pond it was clear that the Carp only had one thing on their minds and it was spawning!

The match got under way with Tony Males hooking into a fish straight away from his margin but that was it, it as if the pond was void of fish. As the match progressed Craig Logan on Peg 32 was starting to put a few fish together, fishing pole to the Island.

However, it wasn’t until the last couple of hours of the match when people were starting to catch the odd Carp, Carl Wilson on Peg 14 caught a couple of quick Carp on the feeder, then a switch to pole fishing shallow saw him catch 3 more. Jim Marcer on Peg 36 was starting to catch the odd carp but it was last year’s Summer League champion Ian Bradley who was making a real charge – Ian was fishing pole to the Island and catching big Carp but it wasn’t enough to to catch Club Favourite Craig Logan who took 1st place.

Condolences to Ade Knighton, Mick Burke, Dave Perry, and John Low for blanking…. You wouldn’t think it possible to not catch a single fish at this time of year – better luck next time chaps ūüėā

Well done June for getting the better of your better half yet again.. 

1st  Craig Logan – 87lb 10oz

2nd  Ian Bradley – 61lb 15oz

3rd  Jim Marcer – 26lb 03oz

4th  Carl Wilson – 24lb 07oz


Winter League Final

What a fantastic league this has turned out to be with more than half of the competitors in with a chance of framing going into the last match. Because of the fantastic attendance over £2,400 has been paid out over the 6 matches.

I’d like to thank every competitor for making the league as enjoyable as it was – hope to see you on the next. 

Winter League Round Three

Round three saw us back fishing Privates pond and the Canal and yet again we faced poor fishing conditions.  With heavy rain leading up to the match water levels were up a foot and very coloured.

So far in the league it doesn’t seem to matter where you draw as winning weights have been coming from all over our waters, which makes for a great match.

Adam Logan has had a fantastic¬†start to the Winter League, having two section wins already.¬† This week saw him on Peg 5 on Privates – this peg didn’t fish well the the last match with only 7oz coming off it.¬† Adam was still confident of catching and fished two lines, ground bait at 12m and casters at 5m, and after a slow start he was soon catching quality Roach and skimmers to win his third section in a row.

Jim Mercer drew Peg 12 on Privates pond and having won his section on the pond last time out he was full of confidence going into the match.  Jim fished pinkies over ground bait and had a lovely day, catching small Skimmers and Roach to win his section for the second week running.

Young Olly Flindall was on Peg 22 on the road side of the pond, and was eager to make amends for a bad result the previous week.¬† After speaking to a few “in the know” he put a plan together.¬† Olly fished ground bait and maggots at 11m and casters at 5m and it worked a treat¬†as he won his section and beat¬†his Dad again…

The first section on the Canal – Pegs 13 to 17 – saw five very good Canal anglers pegged together.¬† Ade Knighton¬†drew end Peg 12 and showed his class, experience and knowledge (squashing the rumors he’s past it) – he fished casters down the track and had a great day catching a Roach a chuck.¬† Craig Logan was on Peg 16 and decided to target the Bream¬†which¬†nearly worked, catching two over 3lb and a few skimmers.

The second Section on the canal was on the Stock Pond РPegs 23 to 27.  Only one person caught from this section the previous match so expectations were low.  However, as it turned out this section fished the best, with all anglers catching well.  Coming out on top was Carl Wilson with an excellent 15lb, to not only win his section but also the match.  Carl made the decision to fish for bonus fish, fishing soft pellets and caught 3 Carp.  Well done Carl!

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-30 at 09.36.39 WhatsApp Image 2020-12-30 at 09.36.40 (1) WhatsApp Image 2020-12-30 at 09.37.10

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-01 at 12.59.48




December 20th – Beechwood Kingfisher

This week saw us fishing the Kingfisher pond at Beechwood.¬† The weather forecast must have been good as Craig Radford graced us with his presence…¬† Luckily for the rest of us Craig is allergic to the cold and normally doesn’t fish in the winter months, giving the rest of us a chance ūüėČ.

The pond has¬†had winning weights from all areas¬†throughout the year and as it’s been a few weeks since we last fished Kingfisher nobody could predict which area of the pond would fish best.¬† Ade Knighton on Peg 12 was giving a master class in feeder fishing, casting a feeder to pin point accuracy across to the far bank – it’s a shame this was the only area of his Peg with no fish in!¬† It still looked good Ade.¬† Mick Burke was trying not to be out done¬†on Peg 11 but failed miserably by spending more time casting into the trees on the far bank than in the water.¬† This worked well¬†for both Craig Logan and Olly Flindall as this meant the Carp moved into their¬†Pegs and they both made the most of it.¬† After a slow first hour, a change to dobbing bread at 14m saw both catch Carp up to 10lb.¬† Tony Males on Peg 6 was also catching steadily, fishing the pole long to the island.¬† Sue Reid was catching yet again on peg 20.¬† Sue fished pole and pellets, catching Carp up to 10lb which proved too much for her son Danny off the next Peg, who decided to call it a day with 3hrs to go.

Ade, Craig and the committee would like to thank you all for your support this year.¬† It’s been a difficult time organizing the matches and complying¬†with Covid rules and we appreciate everyone making the most of a bad situation.

1st  Craig Logan Р161lb 5oz

2nd  Olly Flindal Р96lb 12oz

3rd  Tony Males Р60lb 13oz

Section 1  Sue Reid Р41lb 40z

Section 2  Ian Bradley Р39lb 11oz

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-21 at 21.11.04

Aggregate League Winner

Congratulations to Ian Bradley on winning this years Aggregate League.  Ian has been close to winning this for a number of years and well deserves the title this year.

1st  Ian Bradly

2nd  Craig Logan

3rd  Ian Shaw

Winter league Round Two

This was the second round of the Winter League.  Sections were split over two waters with two sections on the Canal and three on Privates pond.

The weather conditions could not have been worse leading up to the match, with freezing temperatures and lots of rain Рthe waters were incredibly cold and colored.

Canal pegs 21 – 28 seemed the place most competitors wanted to draw, with a few having a practice in the week leading up to the match and catching quite well.

The fishing turned out to be incredibly hard going, with all anglers struggling for bites.  But this also meant that everyone had a good chance of section points with only ounces separating competitors by the end of the match.

Canal section 1 Рwon by Ray Agent on Peg 14.  Ray fished maggots catching small roach, beating Pete Beard on the next peg by 1oz

Canal Section 2 – won by Ian Shaw on Peg 23.¬† Ian was the only one to catch in his section.¬† Ian fed a few maggots at a time with maggots on the hook.¬† Mick Burke did catch a small Roach but missed his keepnet with the pressure and excitement of catching a fish…. ūüėā

Privates Section 1 Рwon by Jim Mercer on Peg 2.  Jim fished pinkies up to the island and caught two Tench, a small Carp, plus a few small Roach, to not only win his section but the match overall.  Well Done Jim.

Privates section 2 Рwon by club favorite Craig Logan on Peg 12.  Craig fed ground bait at the start and fished pinkies over the top, catching small Roach and skimmers.

Privates section 3 Рwon by Adam Logan on Peg 23.   Adam fished pinkies over ground bait catching small Roach and a bonus Perch.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-15 at 19.53.34

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-15 at 19.52.33

December 6th – Robinswood Lake 2

This is the first match after the latest lockdown and even with the appalling weather, all competitors couldn’t wait to get back fishing a match.¬† As always, thank you to everyone for complying with the Covid Restriction rules that are in place.

The match got underway with Sue Reid¬†on¬†Peg 13 catching the first Carp and quickly followed by two more.¬† Sue was fishing pole at 12m, feeding micros with soft pellet on the hook.¬† Second to catch was golden oldie Dave Harris.¬† Dave came into this match full of confidence after winning his last match.¬†¬†Dave¬†drew Peg 18 and fished his margin from the off – after a slow start he started to catch Carp regularly, feeding micros with corn on the hook. Dave Perry was also putting the odd Carp in the net fishing opposite Harris on Peg 15, again fishing his margins.¬† Ian Shaw was having a nightmare on Peg 11 losing his first 5 Carp¬†until a change in tactics saw him put 5 Carp in the net in the last two hours.¬† As time was called Dave Harris estimated he had¬†37lb ūü§Ē and looked to had done enough to win but it was too close to call for 2nd and 3rd.

1st  Dave Harris Р56lb 11oz

2nd  Sue Reid 24lb 13oz

3rd  Ian Shaw 23lb 6oz

Section 1  Mick Burke Р1lb 5oz

Section 2  Dave Perry Р23lb 2oz

Dave Harris

1st November – Robinswood Lake 2

Another fantastic turn out this week, which is amazing considering the awful weather.¬† As always, the banter on the bank was good but then it’s easy to take the mick out of our lot… ūüėā

It was blowing a gale down the pond, making fishing the long pole impossible on most pegs.

First to catch was Sue Reid on Peg 9, quickly followed by Tony Males on Peg 1.  However, it was a very slow start for most.  As the match progressed it looked like the Carp had moved into the shallow end of the pond out of the cold wind because most of the anglers pegged at that end of the pond were now catching.

Ian Bradley on Peg 5 was fishing pole, catching odd Carp on 8mm hard pellets.  Jim Marcer on Peg 31 was catching Carp down his margins, feeding casters with maggots on the hook.  Ian Shaw was also catching well on Peg 24 РIan was fishing meat down his margin and two plus two and kept rotating both lines.

In the final hour the wind started to calm down giving anglers a chance to present a bait properly and as a result the odd Carp was starting to be caught from other areas of the pond.  Alas, it was too late to make an impact on the final weights.

1st  Ian Shaw Р58lb 4oz

2nd  Jim Marcer Р47lb 1oz

3rd  Ian Bradly Р42lb 9oz

4th  Tony Males Р28lb 9oz

Section 1  Sue Reid Р16lb 15oz

Section 2  Dave Meakin Р15lb 7oz


Winter League – 25/10/2020

This was the first round of the Winter League and because of it’s popularity the match was split over Roughs Pond and the Canal.¬† The league is being run on points, with one point for a section win down to five points for last in section.

With the temperature dropping and the cold rain the day before it looked like it was going to be hard going, and it was difficult to know which water would fish better.

By the end of the match it was apparent that the anglers on Roughs Pond definitely had the better day, with nearly all competitors having a good days fishing and in with a chance of good section points.  The Canal on the other hand was really hard going, with leaves making good presentation impossible for the anglers pegged in the low number.

Roughs section 1 Рwon by Pete Beard on Peg 5.  Pete started the match on maggots catching small roach and skimmers.  He then dropped onto chopped worm and casters line, catching a bounce Tench and Bream.

Roughs Section 2 Рwon by Sue Reid on Peg 14.  Sue carried on her great run of form framing yet again.  Sue fished the pole feeding soft pellets and switching between hook baits to catch Carp and F1s.

Roughs section 3 Рwon by Adam Logan on Peg 21.  Adam started the match fishing soft pellets catching the odd Carp and big F1s, before switching to his chopped worm line and again catching Carp.  He continued to switch between the two, not only win his section but the match overall.

Canal section 1 Рwon by John Aldred on Peg 3.  John fished pole catching odd Roach before hooking into a bonus Bream.

Canal section 2 Рwon by Craig Logan on Peg 17.  Craig fed ground bait over two lines at the start and rotated between the two, catching small Bream and Roach for the whole match fishing.

Results 001

S Reid 25-10-2020

A Logan 25-10-2020