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£20 to enter the league

£15 pools per match


League winner is decided on points, your best 5 match results count

If there is a draw, finishing places will be decided on overall weight

Payout based on 20 fishing all matches

League will be capped at 25 competitors so book on early to avoid disappointment

Pay out on day:

1st in 5 peg section – £50;  plus extra £20 for overall winner

League Payout:

1st – £350

2nd – £250

3rd – £150

4th – £80

Biggest match weight of the League – £50


October 31st – Roughs Pond and Canal pegs 21 -29

November 28th – Canal pegs 1 -29

December 19th – Privates Pond

January 16th – Roughs Pond and Canal Pegs 21 – 29

February 13th – Canal Pegs 1 -29

March 13th – Privates Pond

To enter contact:

Craig Logan – 0779 335 1263 / Ade Knighton – 0783 530 6533

Junior Match result – 21 August 2021

Well done to all the Juniors taking part in today’s match, we hope you enjoyed the day and hope to see you again next year.

1st  Jessica Logan – 8lb 1oz

2nd  Noah Haslam – 1lb 10oz

3rd  Lily Berry – 1lb 3oz

The committee would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to help with the Junior events over the last month.

A massive thank you to Ian Bradley, John Aldred and Craig Palmer for supplying the prizes for the event.

Stanton – Roughs Pond 01/08/21

The match this week was on Roughs pond and due to the popularity of home matches it was full to capacity yet again.  The match got off to a great start with people catching from all over the pond.

Shaun Fogg on Peg 1 was making a good start catching Carp, fishing to the net on pellets.  Carl Wilson on Peg 24 had a quick look down his margin and was straight into a Carp on corn.  Dieter Woodings on Peg 18 also got of to a good start catching a big Carp on his first put in.  There was also loads of silver being caught and everyone seemed to be catching.

As the match progressed Carl Wilson and Shaun Fogg were still catching well and looked to be the ones in front.  John Low on Peg 2 was starting to catch Carp, fishing paste and Ian Shaw on Peg 15 was catching in spells, going into the last hour.  Club Favorite Craig Logan on Peg 21 had been catching Skimmers steadily but was now starting to catch Carp and F1’s and was really putting the pressure on both Carl and Shaun.

1st  Craig Logan – 37lb 5oz

2nd  Shaun Fogg – 34lb 6oz

3rd  Carl Wilson – 32lb 13oz

4th  John Low – 28lb

Section 1  Carl Haslam – 15lb 2oz

Section 2  Ian Shaw – 24lb 4oz

Section 3  Ian Bradley – 19lb 13oz  



Junior Match 21st August

We have been asked to put on a match for the Junior members – this will be held on Saturday 21st of August.

Draw at 8.30am to 9am – Fish from 10am to 1pm.

Entry fee is FREE.

Venue – Canal

This is open to all Junior members regardless of ability, help fishing from an adult will be permitted.

Some fantastic prizes have been donated. 

Please Contact Mick Burke to enter  – 07979 504756

Privates Pond Closed – Sunday 8th August

Privates Pond closed for club fishing match on Sunday 8th August – pleasure fishing allowed after 4pm.

Get Into Fishing – 24th July

On Saturday 24th July the club will be celebrating our 140th anniversary. 

On this date the Stock Pond will be closed to allow the Angling Trust to run a “Get into Fishing” event. Angling coaches will give 30 minutes of teaching to anyone wanting to get into fishing. There will be tackle to give away to juniors and they will then have the opportunity to try out our waters. If you would like a 30min slot click on the link:

There will be club clothing available to buy, a second hand tackle stall and a raffle with some fantastic prizes.

Hope to see you Saturday.

Robinswood Lake 2 -18th July

All eyes were on the draw this week after the Golden Peg was drawn on Peg 15. Peg 15 is an absolute flyer and frames most weeks and whoever was going to draw it had a really good chance of winning and collecting the bonus money. So when Ian Bradley drew it he couldn’t contain his excitement and was at his peg and set up in record time. The rest of us thought the worst and knew we had it all to do to beat Ian!

The match got underway and Craig Radford on Peg 8 had a Carp first put in but that was pretty much it as the first 2 hours were incredibly slow. The 3rd hour saw people starting to catch – Carl Wilson on Peg 3 and Tyla Reynolds on Peg 5 were matching each other fish for fish. Craig Radford was starting to catch down his margin and looked to be putting a big weight together. Ian Shaw on Peg 24 was also starting to catch down his margin but was having problems with lost fish.

Going into the final hour Club Favorite Craig Logan was catching well on his short line but all eyes were on Craig Radford who was really bagging.

As for Ian Bradley, the curse of the golden peg struck again as he didn’t have a fish for the first two hours and had very little for the next three. He not only lost to the next peg but also lost two side bets with Craig Radford and Ian Shaw, who both couldn’t wait to get stuck into him.

1st  Craig Radford – 133lb 13oz

2nd  Craig Logan – 55lb 11oz

3rd  Tyla Reynolds – 39lb 3oz

Section 1  Ian Bradley – 33lb 15oz

Section 2  Carl Wilson – 35lb 10oz


Stanton Canal 4th July 2021

Another big attendance this week saw us using both sides of the Canal – Pegs 1 to 29.

Because the matches are always so close all eyes were on the draw to see who would get the golden peg and the lucky angler with the chance to with the extra winnings was Ian Shaw.  Ian was over the moon and knew he had a big chance with his Peg 21. 

The match got underway with Jim Marcer on Peg 13 catching an early Tench followed by a second soon after, which he unfortunately lost in the lilies.  As the match progressed news on the bank was Ian Shaw was catching and was admitting to a nice Barble and a Carp over 6lb.  Club favorite Craig Logan on Peg 11 was putting a few fish together but was cursing losing a 6lb Tench at the net.  Everyone looked to be catching but in the end it would come down to who could catch the bonus fish to get them in the frame.

At the weigh in Craig Logan was winning until they got to Mick Burke on Peg 19 who was the last to weigh in.  Mick nearly didn’t fish the match due to feeling unwell but he was glad he did after having a fantastic day, catching a real mixed bag and a bonus Bream to top it off – well done Mick!

1st  Mick Burke 18lb 13oz

2nd  Craig Logan 14lb 10oz

3rd  Ian Bradley 10lb 14oz

4th  Ralph Marshall 9lb 15oz

Section 1  Ade knighton 7lb 8oz

Section 2  Jim Marcer / Ray Agent 9lb 9oz

Section 3  Ian Shaw 9lb 3oz


Stanton Canal Closed 4th July

Canal closed Pegs 1 to 29 for fishing match – no pleasure fishing before 4pm

Stanton – Roughs Pond 27/06/2021

The Match this week was on our own waters – Roughs Pond – and it was nice to see some new faces.  Our Club waters are the only waters that we match fish that can be classed as a real mixed fishery and it makes for a nice change from the Carp puddles.

The match got under way and Mick Burke on Peg 8 got off to a great start catching a number of Skimmers and a couple of Carp. Adam Logan started the match fishing shallow at 16m and was catching the odd Carp and F1s.  Going into the second hour Club Favourite Craig Logan on Peg 13 made a switch to fish his margin and was rewarded with a couple of Carp. Jim Mercer on Peg 3 and Dave West on Peg 15 both decided to fish for silvers and both were catching Roach and Skimmers regularly.  Going into the last hour it was incredible close with nobody looking to be running away with it.  Dieter Woodings on Peg 14  started to catch a few Carp and small Tench and Carl Haslam on Peg 18 caught some big Bream.  Ralph Marshall on Peg 10 caught a few carp from his margin swim.

Well done to Ade Knighton on catching his first Carp in 3 weeks 😃

1st  Adam Logan – 28lb 1oz

2nd  Ralph Marshall – 21lb 8oz

3rd  Carl Haslam  – 18lb 3oz

4th  Dave West – 16lb 3oz

Section 1  Craig Logan – 16lb

Section 2  Dieter Woodings – 15lb 6oz