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Roughs and Canal Closed

Roughs Pond will be closed on Saturday 24th October for maintenance work.  The works party plan to improve pegs and access to the pegs on the field side.  Any help is welcome.  Meeting in the car park at 8.30am.

Roughs Pond is also closed on Sunday 25th October for a Club fishing match, along with Canal pegs 1 to 20.


Ian Shaw – Garbolino Club Man Of the Year Final

Congratulations to Ian Shaw on qualifying for the Garbolino Club Man Of the Year Final at Barston Lakes.

Ian represented the club this year along with Adam Logan at Tunnel Barn Farm fishery, and beat some of the best club anglers in the country to qualify for the final.

The final will be held on Wednesday 14th October.

Good luck Ian!

Stanton Winter League 2020/21


£20 to enter the league

£15 pools per match


League winner is decided on points, your best 5 match results count

If there is a draw, finishing places will be decided on overall weight

Payout based on 20 fishing all matches

League will be capped at 20 competitors so book on early to avoid disappointment

Pay out on day:

1st in 5 peg section – £50;  plus extra £20 for overall winner

League Payout:

1st – £350

2nd – £250

3rd – £150

4th – £80

Biggest match weight of the League – £50


October 25th – Roughs Pond

November 15th – Canal pegs 1 -27

December 27th – Privates Pond

January 31st – Roughs Pond

February 28th – Canal Pegs 1 -27

March 28th – Privates Pond

To enter contact:

Craig Logan – 0779 335 1263 / Ade Knighton – 0783 530 6533

5th September – Interworks Match

This year the Interworks match was held at the Lake View fishery over three ponds.  For those that don’t know, the Interworks Match dates back over 60 years and was arranged by the steel industry.  Unfortunately, none of the iron works are still around but the last surviving fishing clubs still run the match.  We entered two teams this year but this is a venue that we don’t normally fish so needed some tips to help us out. The teams looked for inspiration from Team manager Ade Knighton.  Ade put a plan in place for the teams to fish for Ide on maggots, before trying to catch the carp later on in the match.  However, it turns out that there is only Ide in one of the ponds!  Needlessly to say we didn’t do very well.  Well done to the Stanton B team for beating the Stanton A team.

If anyone is interested in managing the teams next year feel free to get in contact, you can’t be any worse than the one we have now…  😉

Bruce Oscar Memorial Match – 6th September

The Bruce Oscar Memorial Match will be combined with this Sunday’s match on Roughs Pond.

If you would like to attend please ring Ade Knighton on 07835 306533

Food Menu – Home Match Days Only

Bacon, Sausage and Egg Cob  – £2.50


Cold packed lunches including crisps and a muffin – choices are:

Egg And Cress

Ham And Tomato

Cheese and Onion

Small £3.50,  Large £4.00


All orders to be placed by Thursday 7pm

Text or call Steph – 07950 218184



Match Result 30th August – Robinswood Lake 2

Twenty anglers fished the match this week so this made for good pegging, with everyone having a spare peg to one side.  Ian Shaw had drawn the Golden Peg this week and fancied his chances on Peg 5.  Our last club match at this venue was won on Peg 18 so it was definitely the peg to draw again this time.  Craig Logan was the lucky recipient and he caught from the off, fishing down his margin.  Apart from Craig, it was a slow start for most.  The Tornado had drawn end Peg 32 and caught a quick carp but couldn’t keep his good run of form going.  Ian Moon had drawn Peg 14 and was getting plenty of bites but frustratingly couldn’t get them in the net.  In the 3rd hour several anglers starting to catch down their margins, including Ian Shaw who was now catching carp to 17lb.  Ian Moon was stating to land fish, Andy Kerry was putting a run of fish together and Dave Harris was now catching but frustratingly was losing more than he landed.  The final hour saw Rob Wright on Peg 9 catch really well, fishing pellets short.  The Tornado called time and it was clear Craig had won the match but it would go down to the scales to separate the rest of the competitors.

1st  Craig Logan – 95lb 3oz

2nd  Ian Shaw – 64lb 15oz

3rd  Rob Wright – 45lb 13oz

4th  Andy Kerry – 38lb 3oz

Section 1  Tony Males – 24lb 7oz

Section 2  Ian Moon  – 35lb 8oz

C Logan

Match Result 24th August – Brailsford Horseshoe

Another good turn out this week.  The matches on Horseshoe are normally won with over 100lb and great back up weights.  All the anglers were eagerly awaiting the draw to find out what peg they had for the day but more importantly to make sure they hadn’t drawn next to The Tornado Ade Knighton after his previous week’s performance! Craig Logan was happy to draw two pegs away from him but unfortunately could still see and hear him… 😉

The match got off to a good start for Glen Homes – catching two quick carp – but everyone else seemed to be struggling.  With two hours gone it was turning out to be a real struggle with just the odd fish being caught and a lot of foul hooked fish being reported.  In the third hour Craig Radford on Peg 9 and Carl Wilson on Peg 8 were starting to put some fish together fishing shallow.  Also The Treble John Lowe on Peg 30 and The Tornado on Peg 31 were matching each other fish for fish on paste.  The Tornado was trying something new this week, playing fish standing up but the pond was still fishing incredibly hard.

The fourth hour saw Ian Bradley on Peg 20, Ian Shaw on Peg 21 and Danny Gaetto on Peg 17 all starting to catch in the margins.  Dave Perry on Peg 22 had drawn the Golden Peg this week but only seemed interested in catching crayfish, at least that what we all thought.  But then to my and everyone’s surprise it went a bit “Quentin Tarantino” 😱 – I felt sorry for the crayfish and will never look at him in the same way again….  He has now earned the nickname KILLER PERRY.

In the final hour Craig Radford and Ralph Marshall on Peg 11  looked to be the only ones catching, then with 20 mins left the fish finally turned up for club favourite Craig Logan down his margin and he made the most of it catching 5 more Carp.  There will be a collection this coming Sunday to buy a new battery for The Tornado’s watch as it seems to be running a bit fast!  Well done to Ollie for beating his Dad and good luck going back to school – it’s been nice having you attending the matches and we look forward to seeing you back in the holidays.

1st  Craig Radford – 51lb 5oz

2nd  Ian Shaw – 37lb 6oz

3rd  Danny Gaetto – 33lb 6oz

4th  Craig Logan 30lb 9oz

Section 1  Ralph Marshall – 30lb 6oz

Section 2  The Tornado – 26lb 11oz

C Radford


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Privates Pond Closed Sunday 2nd August

Privates Pond is closed on Sunday 2nd August 2020 for a club match.  Pleasure fishing is allowed after 4pm.

If you would like to enter please contact Ade Knighton on 07835 306533

Many thanks

Fishing Match on Stanton Canal 5th July

Stanton Canal is closed for pleasure fishing on Sunday 5th July from pegs 1 – 28 due to a rearranged match.

Please contact Ade Knighton on 07835 306533 if you wish to take part.

Pleasure fishing allowed after 4pm.