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Work Parties

The committee needs help with the upkeep of the club. Please keep an eye out on Facebook and the club’s notice boards to see when the next work party is – any help is very welcome.

The next work party is planned for Saturday 22nd February 2020 – 9am until 12pm.


We have yet again stocked our waters for the 7th year in a row. We have stocked over 10,000 fish into Roughs, Privates and the Canal with Roach, Bream, Carp, Tench  and Barbel – ENJOY!

Junior Match

Because of the fantastic support from the junior members we will be holding a junior match in the summer holidays free of charge – if you have any tackle or bait that you no longer need this would be a fantastic time to donate to the junior members of the club. Date TBC.

New Platforms

Two new platforms have been installed adjacent to the car park, one on the canal and one on Privates. Thanks to Pete Adrian, Craig Logan, Steve Chambers and Anthony Spencer for all their hard work on Saturday.

Nearly All Finished On Roughs Pond.

Well… its nearly finished!!! The club have been working hard to get Roughs ready to become a match pond again. Development of Roughs has been going on since November 2013 and I am glad to say we are very nearly finished!

The pegging has seen huge improvements from the original Video which Any Morley recorded on the 30th November. In this video it shows where the club started working on the new pegging, compare this video to now and you should see huge improvements.

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Improvements To Roughs – March 2014

The club’s committee have been working hard to get Roughs ready for the new season. We are planning to develop Roughs into our match pond.

We have been working hard to improve the pegging and make the banks safer for our members to fish. Have a look at the video of Andy Morley below. Andy has a little walk round the pond to show you what we have been doing. Please also have a look at the improvements photos below. Read more ›

Night Fishing Only £25


Night Fishing To Come From April 2014

There have been a lot of people discussing the possibility of night fishing on Stanton’s waters, and showing interest that they would love to join the club should this become available.

This was raised at the clubs AGM in Feb, and it has been agreed that it would be a huge benefit for the club to allow members to night fish.

The night fishing will be available from April 1st 2014 on Chadwicks Pond only. The price of the night fishing ticket will be £25.00, with this you get access to all the other waters on our books (usually £25.00) but additional to that you also have the right to fish Chadwicks pond at night.

We look forward to seeing your pictures.

Andy M.

End Of An Era, Thank You Mark.

Mark CupIt was the club’s AGM last night discussing the year just gone. Various things were discussed at the meeting which will appear in further “news” items.

Most importantly, The club would like to thank our outgoing club secretary Mark for all your long years of hard work and long service. 20 years in the job, and a very good job he has done too. Thank you for your time and commitment to the club.

We wish you the very best for the future.

Tight Lines Mark.

2 More Pegs Completed On Roughs.

This morning, Mick Burke and some of our other club members finished off the re-building of 2 more pegs on Roughs in preparation for the coming year. This work will make the pond more accessible and much safer for our members to fish.

Roughs Pegs

Development of Roughs has been planned in order for the club to begin offering match fishing once again, Roughs shall become our first match venue.

Roughs Pegs

We are continuing to develop the pegs down on roughs with our next maintenance day planned for the 14th December, all help is very much appreciated. Details of our upcoming event shall be posted on our FaceBook page.

Bridge On Roughs Completed

We have been working hard to improve the access to Roughs, part of our plans was to create a new bridge to help gain access to the far end of the pond.

The bridge is situated over the “inlet” to the Nutbrook canal, making it much easier and safer for anglers to access the pegs to the far end of the pond. This work is part of a bigger plan to develop Roughs into a match fishing venue, we aim to bring match fishing back to our own waters. Read more ›