Monthly Archives: November 2013

2 More Pegs Completed On Roughs.

This morning, Mick Burke and some of our other club members finished off the re-building of 2 more pegs on Roughs in preparation for the coming year. This work will make the pond more accessible and much safer for our members to fish.

Roughs Pegs

Development of Roughs has been planned in order for the club to begin offering match fishing once again, Roughs shall become our first match venue.

Roughs Pegs

We are continuing to develop the pegs down on roughs with our next maintenance day planned for the 14th December, all help is very much appreciated. Details of our upcoming event shall be posted on our FaceBook page.

Bridge On Roughs Completed

We have been working hard to improve the access to Roughs, part of our plans was to create a new bridge to help gain access to the far end of the pond.

The bridge is situated over the “inlet” to the Nutbrook canal, making it much easier and safer for anglers to access the pegs to the far end of the pond. This work is part of a bigger plan to develop Roughs into a match fishing venue, we aim to bring match fishing back to our own waters. Read more ›