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Privates Pond Closed Sunday 2nd August

Privates Pond is closed on Sunday 2nd August 2020 for a club match.  Pleasure fishing is allowed after 4pm.

If you would like to enter please contact Ade Knighton on 07835 306533

Many thanks

Match Result 26th July – Aldercarr Acorn

It was an unusually poor turn out this week but this did mean all anglers had plenty of room with two spare pegs either side, so the hope was for a good day’s fishing.  Sadly this wasn’t the case with all but the top 3 struggling.  First place went to Danny Geatto on peg 8 – Danny really struggled for the first four hours with the only sign of a bite coming from a duck!  In the final hour the Carp turned up down his margin and he made the most of it catching 14, to the frustration of all around him.  Second place went to Jonathon Leivers on peg 11. Third place went to Matt Geatto on peg 20.  Matt started fishing pellet on the deck but due to the amount of Gudgeon he switched to fishing shallow and picked off the odd Carp.

1st  Danny Geatto 45lb 10

2nd  Johnathon Leivers – 37lb 7oz

3rd  Matt Gaetto –  34lb


D Gaetto

Match result 19th July – Stanton Roughs Pond

Another close match on Roughs pond with lots of little battles and plenty of banter.  Peg 1 won the last match on the venue and it looked like it was the peg to draw again with plenty of carp showing.

Adam Logan on peg 14 had a great start to the match – catching shallow fishing up to the floating island and on the deck.  He looked to be the man to beat but unfortunately a couple of lost fish seemed to slow down his catch rate.

Ian Shaw on peg 10 was also cursing lost fish.  Ian was fishing ground bait down his margin with either corn or worm on the hook and also pellet at 12m, catching Carp down his margin and a nice Bream at 12m.

Ian Bradley on peg 5 had been struggling for bites in until the last hour when he finally started to catch Carp fishing shallow feeding pellets.

Craig Logan on peg 2 caught over 30 skimmers fishing pellet at 14m but was unable to catch any bonus fish to add to his catch.

Ade knighton had drawn peg 22 and couldn’t wait to start calling time one minute early! Ade was sat between June Lowe and John Lowe AKA “The Treble”.  June definitely had them both worried, catching good sized Roach and Perch and the odd carp on worm before The Treble did what he does best and harpooned a carp of over 5lb, taking both the bragging rights and a section win.

Jonathon Leivers drew fancied peg 1, and caught mainly Carp, fishing pellets at 12m and 14m.

As Ade called time “on time” it was clear who was in the top 4 but it was going down to the weigh in to find out what order and who would get a section win.

1st  Jonathan Leivers – 28lb 13oz

2nd  Adam Logan – 27lb 11oz

3rd  Ian Shaw – 22lb 14oz

4th  Ian Bradley – 16lb 15oz

Section 1  Craig Logan – 15 8oz

Section 2  John Lowe – 16lb 9oz


Match Result 12th July – Beechwood Kingfisher

The match this week was at Beechwood Fishery on Kingfisher.  We had a great attendance again this week which made the pegging tight but all anglers were still looking forward to a good day’s fishing regardless.  Kingfisher is normally a great match pond with large weights needed to frame and good back up weights.  The nice weather conditions meant lots of anglers started fishing shallow on the pole but with an hour gone and only a couple of Carp caught, people were soon trying other methods – however the lake was fishing hard.  Tony Males on favoured peg 13 was starting to wish he hadn’t bothered going back to his van for his third net before the start.  With 2 hours gone the only person catching was Ian Bradley on peg 28 – making the most of a corner peg – and Phil Kent on flyer peg 14.

Things were looking bleak and lots of anglers were now picking up their feeder rods.  It was hard to tell if they were fishing for Carp or  Squirrels with the amount of time they spent casting into the trees (Mick, Craig R, and Carl) much to the amusement of others.  The fishing started to improve for some anglers in the 3rd hour with Craig Logan, Carl Wilson And Dave Meakin putting a run of fish together.  The 4th hour was pretty much the same but Craig Logan found time to show the anglers around him how to play a Duck.  Finally in the final hour the fish started to feed with anglers starting to catch fish from all around the pond but it was too little too late for most.  Ady called time at exactly 14.59pm which was a good indication that his two match framing strike was over.  First place went to Ian Bradley on peg 28 – Ian fished hard pellet on the deck at 14m.  Second place was Craig Logan on peg 16 – Craig fished feeder with pin point accuracy to the far bank.  Third place was Phil Kent on peg 14.  Phil fished feeder to the far bank and pole short in the last hour.  Fourth place went to Carl Wilson on peg 37 – Carl fished feeder to the far bank (and on the bank!) catching carp to 8lb.  Fifth place went to Dave Meakin on peg 12.  Dave fished the feeder and pole, picking off the odd fish all day.

1st  Ian Bradley – 84lb 10oz

2nd  Craig Logan – 69lb 4oz

3rd  Phil Kent – 53lb 50z

4th  Carl Wilson – 42lb 11oz

5th  Dave Meakin 38lb 5oz

Ian Bradley


Match Result 4th July – Stanton Canal

The match this week was rearranged to the Stanton Canal due to a last minute cancellation by Brailsford Fishery.  Turn out for the match was good considering the late change in venue, again with some new and returning faces giving the match a go.  Unfortunately the match fished incredibly hard with only three anglers catching double figures.  It soon became apparent that the Bream were shoaled up on pegs one and two, with both anglers catching them from the off.  First place went to Jonathon Leivers on Peg 2, catching Bream over groundbait. Second place was Ade Knighton on Peg 1.  Ade caught Bream feeding pellets and kept rotating hook baits – this is the second week running Ade has framed and just goes to prove anything is possible, giving hope to the rest of us.  Well done Ade 😉  Third place went to Adam Logan on peg 10 – Adam had a nice day fishing chopped worm, fishing to the lily pads catching big Tench and Ide.

1st Jonathon Leivers – 34lb 11oz

2nd Ade Knighton – 21lb 14oz

3rd Adam Logan – 21lb

4th Tony Males – 6lb 3oz

5th Ian Bradley – 6lb 1oz

Fishing Match on Stanton Canal 5th July

Stanton Canal is closed for pleasure fishing on Sunday 5th July from pegs 1 – 28 due to a rearranged match.

Please contact Ade Knighton on 07835 306533 if you wish to take part.

Pleasure fishing allowed after 4pm.