11th October – Robinswood Lake 2

Winter if definitely on it’s way with the bad weather and cold nights and the fishing is definitely getting harder. But at least the banter is still going strong…

We mixed the pegging up a bit this week to try and give the pegs in the shallow end more room.  I’m starting to think some anglers think they can see into the future because as soon as the draw is made their match is over, even before it’s begun…  However, this is a strange time of year as the water temperature is dropping the fish are on the move and starting to shoal up.

Ian Shaw had drawn Peg 30 and wasn’t happy, which meant that those around him would need ear defenders to drown the moaning 😉.  But as it turned out Ian was the first to catch.  He had a good first couple of hours and picked up the odd Carp for the remainder of the match.  I’m not sure which is louder: his moaning or the bragging when he is catching…  Dave Perry on Peg 26 had a slow start but finally had some Carp show up in his margin, catching the majority of his fish in the last hour.

Club favourite Craig Logan was on Peg 9 but was having a nightmare day losing 12 Carp due to under water snags – much to the amusement of others.  Keep your eyes out on eBay for some cheap tackle – he’s thinking of taking up golf.

Talking of tackle Mick Burke had treated himself to a new feeder rod and reel, and was enjoying seeing how far he could cast with it.  Shame the pond is only 40m wide – people needed hard hats fishing opposite him…

On Peg 15 was Sue Reid.  Peg 15 has done nothing all year but Sue was still confident of catching and she was right – catching Carp to 10lb fishing on pole at 11m.  Junior member Olly Flindall was on peg 18.  Olly got off to a great start catching well for the first 3hrs, fishing down both margins but the bites slowed as the match progressed.  As always, it was too close to call who would frame.  It turned out Sue had done enough just pipping Olly for first place.  Massive well done to Sue – she has been fishing great of late and well deserved a win.

Condolences to Olly but I’m sure it want be long before he gets that first win under his belt.

1st  Sue Reid – 61lb 14oz

2nd  Olly Flindall – 54lb 5oz

3rd  Dave Perry – 38lb 15oz

Section 1  Craig Logan 24lb 5oz

Section 2  Ian Shaw 31lb 5oz