18th October – Beechwood Kingfisher

This was the last match of the summer league and like all of our matches this year the turn out was great.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the fishing this week!  Young Olly Flindall drew next to Craig Radford this week – Craig’s probably won more matches on this venue than anyone.  Club favourite Craig Logan thought he would make it more interesting by offering Olly £10 if he could beat him…

The Match got underway and like most matches now on Kingfisher, people seem to be fishing for squirrels more than fish with the amount of lines getting caught up in the over hanging trees.  The pond was fishing incredibly hard with only the odd person catching.

Mick Burk had drawn Peg 4 and decided to fish the feeder and it paid off, catching Carp casting tight to the far side.  John Lowe AKA The Treble  drew Peg 10 and wasn’t expecting much from it but by fishing paste to the far bank he was catching slowly and putting a weight together.  Sue Reid on Peg 20 was continuing her good form catching Carp on hard pellet.  With two hours left Dave Meakin on Peg 13 made the decision to try fishing shallow due to the amount of line bites he was getting and it worked as he never stopped catching for the remainder of the match.

Time was called and as the scales went round the pond it was obvious it had been hard going.  Olly and Craig had especially struggled with both anglers only catching one carp each, but unluckily for Olly, Craig’s carp weighed just 4oz more!

1st  Dave Meakin – 58lb, 13oz

2nd  Mick Burke – 45lb 9oz

3rd  John Lowe – 44lb 14oz

4th  Sue Reid – 30lb 12oz

5th  Ian Bradley – 26lb 13oz

Section 1  Graham Gibbson – 13lb 12oz

Section 2  Ian Shaw – 18lb 5oz

D Meakin