Yearly Archives: 2016

Sherwood Forest Fishery – 18th September 2016

1st.  P Wells – 48lb

2nd.  A Logan – 41lb

3rd.  J Leivers – 35lb

4th. D Perry – 28lb

The fishing was really hard going this week with most struggling for bites. Finishing in first place was Paul Wells – Paul fished a really good match and fished his margin from the off catching carp to 10lb, beating Adam off the next peg. Adam fished casters for silver and managed a couple of bonus carp late on. Jonathan’s good run of form continues with third place this week. Jonathan fished maggots short for silvers and caught manly ide.

Fisherwick – 11th September 2016

1st.  J Leivers – 87lb 2oz

2nd.  M Smedley – 76lb

3rd.  C Logan – 68lb 15oz

4th. A Logan – 68lb 14oz

The fishing was good this week considering nearly all pegs were used for the match. Anglers who did draw next to a spare peg seemed to do better. Finishing in top spot this week was Jonathan Leivers – Jonathan fished hard pellet short on pole and managed to keep the fish feeding on this line all day, for his best weight on this venue.  Second went to Martin Smedley – Martin fished the feeder for most of the match, catching carp to 3lb.  Third place went to Craig Logan – Craig caught really well for the first 3 hours fishing the feeder and pellet wagler before his peg died and he couldn’t get a bite for the next hour!  He did manage to get the odd fish from his margin with 30min to go. Just missing out on third place was Adam Logan – Adam fished the feeder for the first part of the match but struggled to get regular bites.  However, a switch to the short pole line fishing meat changed his match completely and was unlucky not to frame.

Beechwood Kingfisher – 4th September 2016

1st.  D Gaetto – 54lb 6oz

2nd.  G Holmes – 50lb 13oz

3rd.  J Leivers – 50lb 6oz

4th.  C Logan – 46lb 10oz

This week was a very closely fought match, with all anglers catching steadily throughout.  Apart from match secretary Mr Knighton who didn’t even weigh in…  Danny Gaetto came in first place, drawing peg 32 for the first time – a good peg and he made the most of it.  Next peg along was Glen Holmes who fished short and pushed Danny all the way but just missed out on bragging rights on the way home.  Third place went to Jonathan Leivers who got lucky with a 15lb Carp in the last minutes of the match, pushing Craig Logan into fourth place.

Spion Kop – 28th August 2016

1st.  J Meakin – 51lb

2nd.  D Harris – 45lb

3rd.  C Logan – 39lb

4th.  D Gaetto – 38lb

This turned out to be quite a mixed match – some anglers caught really well whilst others struggled.  Finishing in first place was Jim Meakin off peg 16.  This peg won in the mid-week match and Jim made the most of a good draw and some good information along the way.  Second place went to Dave Harris.  Dave proved himself to be a master in feeder fishing.  Craig Logan, fishing on the next peg and claiming third place, was in awe and will be using some of his techniques in the future.


Lake View Canal – 21st August 2016

1st.  C Logan – 47lb

2nd.  R Turley – 41lb

3rd.  A Logan – 40lb

4th.  J Leivers – 34lb

5th.  A Knighton – 33lb

6th.  D Harris – 29lb

The draw made all the difference this week as one side of the pond – pegs 1 to 15 – have historically produced better results.   The trend continued as 5 of the top 6 anglers drew on this side.  Craig Logan was on top form from the start, picking a great peg and fishing a faultless match.  He started off fishing pellet short, before moving over to fish the far side and finishing with margins late on.  Roy Turley came second, drawing the end peg, catching steadily throughout the day – proving there’s still life in the old dog!  His secret weapons are his “magic floats”….  Third place went to Adam Logan who narrowly missed out on second by just 1lb.  Adam struggled at the start, but worked it out and caught up towards the end.

Robinswood Lake 2 – 14th August 2016

1st.  M Burke – 36lbs

2nd.  J Lowe – 34lbs

3rd.  I Bradley – 32lbs

This was definitely a match of “the ones that got away” with most anglers losing fish.  Mick Burke came out on top, fishing paste long and down his margins – catching carp to 15lbs.  John Lowe came second, catching carp steadily throughout the match.  Both John and Ian Bradley – who came third – made the most of drawing end pegs by also fishing down their margins.


Fisherwick – 7th August 2016

1st.  A Logan – 109lb

2nd.  B Batchford – 80lb

3rd.  C Radford – 79lb

First by a substantial margin was Adam Logan fishing feeder, catching carp from the off.  Ben Batchford also fished feeder placing second, closely followed by Craig Radford fishing short pole.  The next three anglers all got above 70lb, with the average weight overall being 50lbs.

Springvale Osprey – 31st July 2016

1st.  C Logan – 72lb

2nd.  J Leivers – 61lb

3rd.  D Gaetto – 60lb

4th.  A Knighton – 58lb

What a great mixed fish venue!  All anglers caught from the off, with 30lb being the lowest recorded weight.  Finishing in 1st place was Craig Logan – Craig fished for silvers for the first part for the match, before moving to his margin and catching carp to 7lb.  Second place went to Jonathan Leivers, who fished a great match catching over 200 ide shallow.  Danny Gaetto was 3rd, fishing short pole and moved to his margin, catching steady throughout the match.

Beechwood Kingfisher – 24th July 2016

1st.  D Moore – 79lb

2nd.  C Logan – 54lb

3rd.  D Perry – 50lb

The venue fished well, considering nearly all the pegs were used.  Venue expert Dean Moore fished pellet tight over to the island on peg 6, to catch from the off.  Craig Logan on peg 13 fished long pole and feeder to the island to catch steadily throughout the match, just beating Dave Perry on peg 10.  Dave fished pole and pellet over to the island.


Spion Kop Osprey – 17th July 2016

1st.  C Radford – 78lb

2nd.  C Wilson – 35lb

3rd.  R Marshall – 33lb

4th.  S Reid – 26lb

Craig Radford is in fine form at the moment, and won by a considerable margin.  He fished feeder to the island and down his margin late on.  In second place was Carl Wilson, which is a fantastic result considering this is the second time he’s fished for 2 years.  His mentor is obviously saying the right things!  Ralph caught a great net of silvers to finish third, with Sue Reid finishing just short of top three again!