27th September – Robinswood Lake 2

With the temperature dropping it was questionable how the pond would fish.  Pegging for the match was much improved this week, with club favourite Craig Logan taking charge.  After the draw there were a lot of questions:

Could Ralph Marshall make the most of Peg 18? (peg 18 is a flyer of a peg and has won our last 4 matches at the venue)

Craig Radford had won the previous two club matches and was desperate to make it a hattrick of wins, but could he handle the pressure?

And could the Golden peg be won for a second week running?

The match got underway with Danny Gaetto getting off to a great start on Peg 11 catching 3 Carp fishing pole and feeding pellets before anyone else had a bite.  Craig Logan was next to catch – fishing on unfancied Peg 26 – again fishing pole and feeding pellets.  However, the pond was fishing hard for most.  In the second hour Danny had a quick go down his margin feeding pellets and corn on the hook and was quickly into a big Carp – this turned out to be the start of many as he caught brilliantly for the next three hours.  Ian Bradley on Peg 23 and Pete Swainston on Peg 24 were having a good battle catching the odd carp.  Ian Moon on Peg 5 was catching occasionally but looked to be losing more than he caught.  If you don’t know Peg 5 it has a margin that cuts back behind you, looks awesome but is snaggy.  It’s like an attractive woman – it draws you in then causes you nothing but pain and you wish you hadn’t bothered… 😉

In the final hour Craig Logan was starting to put a run of fish together instead of winding up Mick Burke, who’s blood pressure was rising with every lost fish 😂.   Danny’s peg was starting to slow down but it didn’t matter as he had done more than enough to win the match.

Answers to the earlier questions:

Craig Radford was packed up as time was called with having only to small carp to his name – pressure or peg….?

Glen Holmes had drawn the golden peg but was up against it being the only person without a spear peg and as it turned out the best bite he got all day was the one from his breakfast.

And Ralph did the impossible and turned out to be the only person never to frame off peg 18 this year – that’s fishing for you…

1st  Danny Gaetto –  135lb

2nd  Craig Logan –  55lb

3rd  Ian Bradley –  41lb

Section 1  Ian Moon – 16lb

Section 2  Pete Swainston  – 29lb

Danny Gaetto