December 6th – Robinswood Lake 2

This is the first match after the latest lockdown and even with the appalling weather, all competitors couldn’t wait to get back fishing a match.  As always, thank you to everyone for complying with the Covid Restriction rules that are in place.

The match got underway with Sue Reid on Peg 13 catching the first Carp and quickly followed by two more.  Sue was fishing pole at 12m, feeding micros with soft pellet on the hook.  Second to catch was golden oldie Dave Harris.  Dave came into this match full of confidence after winning his last match.  Dave drew Peg 18 and fished his margin from the off – after a slow start he started to catch Carp regularly, feeding micros with corn on the hook. Dave Perry was also putting the odd Carp in the net fishing opposite Harris on Peg 15, again fishing his margins.  Ian Shaw was having a nightmare on Peg 11 losing his first 5 Carp until a change in tactics saw him put 5 Carp in the net in the last two hours.  As time was called Dave Harris estimated he had 37lb 🤔 and looked to had done enough to win but it was too close to call for 2nd and 3rd.

1st  Dave Harris – 56lb 11oz

2nd  Sue Reid 24lb 13oz

3rd  Ian Shaw 23lb 6oz

Section 1  Mick Burke – 1lb 5oz

Section 2  Dave Perry – 23lb 2oz

Dave Harris