Match Result 12th July – Beechwood Kingfisher

The match this week was at Beechwood Fishery on Kingfisher.  We had a great attendance again this week which made the pegging tight but all anglers were still looking forward to a good day’s fishing regardless.  Kingfisher is normally a great match pond with large weights needed to frame and good back up weights.  The nice weather conditions meant lots of anglers started fishing shallow on the pole but with an hour gone and only a couple of Carp caught, people were soon trying other methods – however the lake was fishing hard.  Tony Males on favoured peg 13 was starting to wish he hadn’t bothered going back to his van for his third net before the start.  With 2 hours gone the only person catching was Ian Bradley on peg 28 – making the most of a corner peg – and Phil Kent on flyer peg 14.

Things were looking bleak and lots of anglers were now picking up their feeder rods.  It was hard to tell if they were fishing for Carp or  Squirrels with the amount of time they spent casting into the trees (Mick, Craig R, and Carl) much to the amusement of others.  The fishing started to improve for some anglers in the 3rd hour with Craig Logan, Carl Wilson And Dave Meakin putting a run of fish together.  The 4th hour was pretty much the same but Craig Logan found time to show the anglers around him how to play a Duck.  Finally in the final hour the fish started to feed with anglers starting to catch fish from all around the pond but it was too little too late for most.  Ady called time at exactly 14.59pm which was a good indication that his two match framing strike was over.  First place went to Ian Bradley on peg 28 – Ian fished hard pellet on the deck at 14m.  Second place was Craig Logan on peg 16 – Craig fished feeder with pin point accuracy to the far bank.  Third place was Phil Kent on peg 14.  Phil fished feeder to the far bank and pole short in the last hour.  Fourth place went to Carl Wilson on peg 37 – Carl fished feeder to the far bank (and on the bank!) catching carp to 8lb.  Fifth place went to Dave Meakin on peg 12.  Dave fished the feeder and pole, picking off the odd fish all day.

1st  Ian Bradley – 84lb 10oz

2nd  Craig Logan – 69lb 4oz

3rd  Phil Kent – 53lb 50z

4th  Carl Wilson – 42lb 11oz

5th  Dave Meakin 38lb 5oz

Ian Bradley