Match Result 14th June – Aldercarr, Railway

Another good turn out this week.  Railway is renowned for being “peggy” so a good draw is needed for a good day’s fishing. The match got off to a slow start for all competitors with plenty of Carp swimming about but not feeding.  Two hours into the match, it was turning into a real struggle for most with only a few Carp being caught and a lot of fish being foul hooked.  Despite this a few anglers were starting to put a weight together, including the Gaetto Brothers – Matt and Danny – who were matching each other fish for fish.  With 1hr left there were only a few anglers with a chance of framing with the pond still fishing hard for most.  At the final whistle it looked to be between Matt and Danny for 1st place – it turned out to be incredible close with only 2lb separating the two, with Matt winning for the second week running.  Third place went to venue expert Paul Bull who just pushed his friend Kyle Sargeant into 4th place.

1st  Matt Gaetto – 50lb 8oz Peg 24

2nd  Danny Gaetto – 48lb 8oz Peg 21

3rd  Paul Bull – 45lb peg 4

4th  Kyle Sargeant – 41lb 9oz Peg 29


M Gaetto