Match Result 26th July – Aldercarr Acorn

It was an unusually poor turn out this week but this did mean all anglers had plenty of room with two spare pegs either side, so the hope was for a good day’s fishing.  Sadly this wasn’t the case with all but the top 3 struggling.  First place went to Danny Geatto on peg 8 – Danny really struggled for the first four hours with the only sign of a bite coming from a duck!  In the final hour the Carp turned up down his margin and he made the most of it catching 14, to the frustration of all around him.  Second place went to Jonathon Leivers on peg 11. Third place went to Matt Geatto on peg 20.  Matt started fishing pellet on the deck but due to the amount of Gudgeon he switched to fishing shallow and picked off the odd Carp.

1st  Danny Geatto 45lb 10

2nd  Johnathon Leivers – 37lb 7oz

3rd  Matt Gaetto –  34lb


D Gaetto