Nearly All Finished On Roughs Pond.

Well… its nearly finished!!! The club have been working hard to get Roughs ready to become a match pond again. Development of Roughs has been going on since November 2013 and I am glad to say we are very nearly finished!

The pegging has seen huge improvements from the original Video which Any Morley recorded on the 30th November. In this video it shows where the club started working on the new pegging, compare this video to now and you should see huge improvements.

This is the original video Andy recorded:

The bridge was one of the first things to get completed, you can read more about the bridge here –

Here is one of the latest videos showing how far roughs has com, the pegging is clearly shown here:

Improvements Gallery

The last few pegs have been completed in early May, here are a few images of the work undertaken:

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