Privates Match 08-03-2019

Privates Match 08-03-2020

We had a good turn out considering the bad weather the night before with 14 in total fishing the match. This meant there was plenty of room for all anglers with everyone having a spare peg to one side. Because of the bad weather and this being the first match on Privates this year we were unsure of the best areas to draw and whether the newly stocked fish would feed. It turned out to be a hard match all over the pond with bites hard to come by but this also made for a fair match and gave everyone a chance of winning. It was nice to see the top 3 came from different areas of the pond. First place went to Danny Gaetto – Danny had drawn peg 13 and made the decision to fish with pellet and corn which turned out to be a good one as he caught small carp, F1s and the odd skimmer. Adam drew on the road side of the pond and caught manly silvers, fishing casters short on the pole. Jonathon fished the pole over ground bait, catching small skimmers, the odd F1 and a bonus 3lb bream.

1st Danny Gaetto:  11lb 12oz – Peg 13

2nd Adam Logan:  10lb 8oz – Peg 16

3rd Jonathon Leivers:  7lb 3oz – Peg 4