Stanton Fishing Club – official club clothing.

Stanton Fishing Club  –  official club clothing.

A message from our sponsor…….


I would like to start by introducing myself to all members. My name is Neil Wright and a fellow member of Stanton Fishing Club. It isn’t just the fishing that attracted me to the club, where else in the area can you find 3 secluded ponds and canal stretch surrounded by trees and wildlife. I actually feel honoured to be a member of this club!


My 40-year career has been in the clothing industry so it is in my blood that fellow members would be equally as proud to display the club logo on their fishing attire. After discussion with the committee, we produced a small range of samples which you may have already viewed on this Facebook page. I have to say, after just one hour the response was amazing and I thank you for making your comments.


It appears that many of you are quite eager to start displaying the club logo as soon as possible which is a fantastic reaction. The initial range of products will be live on our website next week and are aiming for a launch date of Wednesday 3rd February.


The committee have made the decision to offer 2 colours, Grey or Green in a range of different items such as Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Polo shirts, Shell jackets, winter hats and peak caps. (No other colours available unless announced by the committee) By offering just 2 colours, it keeps the price down and keeps the ‘uniformed’ look running through the club. Other items may be added throughout the year but the colour range must remain as Grey or Green.


Where to buy? It couldn’t be easier or more convenient for you to get these products…….


Our business is in the middle of Ilkeston, situated just a minutes’ walk from the large Ilkeston Tesco, just at the back of McDonalds. Under ‘normal’ circumstances we would simply open our doors for you to walk in and buy. However, we have this wretched Covid situation to consider which means for the time being, you must make your purchases online. We will allow free collection from our premises or deliver directly to your home or work address. Until restrictions are lifted, we must operate within the boundaries to keep everyone safe and healthy.


If you click on you will see that our main business is the supply of workwear and PPE to local industry. Down the left hand side of the page you will find a NEW heading….. Stanton Fishing Club. Simply click on here to view the range of clothing available. If you are at all unsure of your size, please call 0115 930 5290 (press option 1) or email Myself or Deborah will be delighted to assist.