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Match Result 4th July – Stanton Canal

The match this week was rearranged to the Stanton Canal due to a last minute cancellation by Brailsford Fishery.  Turn out for the match was good considering the late change in venue, again with some new and returning faces giving the match a go.  Unfortunately the match fished incredibly hard with only three anglers catching double figures.  It soon became apparent that the Bream were shoaled up on pegs one and two, with both anglers catching them from the off.  First place went to Jonathon Leivers on Peg 2, catching Bream over groundbait. Second place was Ade Knighton on Peg 1.  Ade caught Bream feeding pellets and kept rotating hook baits – this is the second week running Ade has framed and just goes to prove anything is possible, giving hope to the rest of us.  Well done Ade 😉  Third place went to Adam Logan on peg 10 – Adam had a nice day fishing chopped worm, fishing to the lily pads catching big Tench and Ide.

1st Jonathon Leivers – 34lb 11oz

2nd Ade Knighton – 21lb 14oz

3rd Adam Logan – 21lb

4th Tony Males – 6lb 3oz

5th Ian Bradley – 6lb 1oz

Match Result 28th June – Stanton Roughs Pond

Fantastic turn out this week, and as the match was on our own water some pleasure anglers joined the regulars – it’s always nice to see new faces on the matches and we welcome anyone who wants to give match fishing a try.  Roughs pond always makes for a fair match with a chance of framing off any peg, this match was no exception – anyone in the top 10 could have won the match with 30min to go.  However, this was the week for the golden oldies, showing they’re not too old to be written off just yet…  Dave Perry and Ade Knighton were both still licking their wounds, courtesy of junior angler Ollie the previous week – both had a point to prove!  First place went to Dave Perry on peg 1 – Dave fished Pellet at 12m and 16m, taking carp throughout the day.  Second place went to Ian Bradley on peg 16.  Ian fished hard pellets catching a mixed bag including a 4lb carp in the last minute.  Third place went to Ade Knighton on peg 18 – Ade fed groundbait on his pole line and caught several Bream over it.  Fourth place went to John Lowe on peg 20.  John fished paste in the margin caching small Carp. Special mention this week goes to Carl Wilson fishing for the first time in 8 months and his long absence showed with him losing numerous Carp – it can only get better Carl… :-)

1st  Dave Perry – 28lb 12oz

2nd  Ian Bradley – 24lb 9oz

3rd  Ade Knighton – 22lb 10oz

4th  John Lowe – 21lb 12oz

5th  Adam Logan 20lb 2oz

D Perry

Match Result 21st June – Robinswood Lake 2

The match this week was on the popular lake 2 at Robinswood.  Peg 18 seems to frame on most matches and with the wind blowing into the peg it looked like the one to draw.   Craig Radford was the lucky angler and I’ve never seen him move so quick to get to a peg – he can certainly shift for a man of his age.  Craig started fishing shallow, catching his biggest fish of the day – a 13lb carp – within minutes. He quickly moved to his margins fishing corn and pellets and caught carp steadily for a cracking weight of 111lb.  Second place went to Barry Dent on Peg 30 – Barry had never fished the venue before and was struggling  for the first 3 hours but finally got Carp feeding on hard pellet short for 51lb.  It was extremely close for 3rd place with 6 anglers having 30lb plus weights.  Third place went to Danny Gaetto on Peg 6.  Danny was turning the air blue with the amount of lost fish from down his margin – good job we don’t have a swear box…  A special mention to junior member Ollie Flindall who caught the biggest fish of the day – an 18lb Carp.  Ollie also absolutely battered Dave Perry and Match Secretary Ade Knighton off the next pegs to his left.

1st  Craig Radford – 111lb

2nd  Barry Dent – 51lb 5oz

3rd  Danny Gaetto – 39lb 11oz

4th  Adam Logan – 37lb 9oz

5th  John Lowe – 36lb 15oz

Craig Radford

Olly Flindall


Match Result 14th June – Aldercarr, Railway

Another good turn out this week.  Railway is renowned for being “peggy” so a good draw is needed for a good day’s fishing. The match got off to a slow start for all competitors with plenty of Carp swimming about but not feeding.  Two hours into the match, it was turning into a real struggle for most with only a few Carp being caught and a lot of fish being foul hooked.  Despite this a few anglers were starting to put a weight together, including the Gaetto Brothers – Matt and Danny – who were matching each other fish for fish.  With 1hr left there were only a few anglers with a chance of framing with the pond still fishing hard for most.  At the final whistle it looked to be between Matt and Danny for 1st place – it turned out to be incredible close with only 2lb separating the two, with Matt winning for the second week running.  Third place went to venue expert Paul Bull who just pushed his friend Kyle Sargeant into 4th place.

1st  Matt Gaetto – 50lb 8oz Peg 24

2nd  Danny Gaetto – 48lb 8oz Peg 21

3rd  Paul Bull – 45lb peg 4

4th  Kyle Sargeant – 41lb 9oz Peg 29


M Gaetto



Match Result 7th June – Beechwood, Kingfisher

This was our first club match 0n the pond this year and all competitors were eagerly awaiting the draw.  It was nice to see some new faces fishing, including junior member Olly Flindall who fished a great match.  Last year the pegs to draw were 2, 6, 13, 14, 20, 32, 37 and 38, so plenty of good pegs to draw.  The Match got off to a great start for Craig Logan on peg 11 – catching a carp first drop in fishing shallow – quickly followed by Matt Gaettto on peg 13.  Matt started off fishing short on pole while priming his 16m line with 6mm pellets.  He caught Carp steadily on this line both on the deck and then shallow, making no mistakes to win the match. Second place went to Craig Logan on peg 11 – Craig fished pole at 13m using pellet both on the deck and shallow and fishing feeder to the island with pin point accuracy.  Third place was Craig Radford on peg 28 – Craig had been looking forward to the match for weeks and now the temperature was above 20 degrees he felt it was safe for him to go out.  He was disappointed with his draw but all that mid week practice paid off and he fished a great match.  Overall the pond fished well with average weights around 30lb

1st  Matt Gaetto – 92lb

2nd  Craig Logan – 69lb 2oz

3rd  Craig Radford – 54lb 14oz

4th  Barry Dent – 47lb 11oz

5th  Phil Kent – 47lb 7oz

M Gaetto

Please can all anglers fishing the match next week have the correct money and remember to keep 2m distance where possible.

Match Result 31st May

The club would like to thank all competitors for complying with the new social distancing rules set out to make this match happen. It’s a thankless job, now made even more difficult with Covid-19.  We would like to thank the majority of anglers who took the time to thank us on how we ran the match. Also, a big thanks needs to go Dave Harris for spending days at the waters clearing space for parking.  It was great to see so many new and returning Stanton members taking part.

As this was the first match on the canal for some years it was unknown as to the best area to draw. The most fancied area was around the carpark pegs – 18, 19, 20 – as this is the most popular part of the canal. The match got off to a good start with Adam Logan at peg 9 and Matt Gaetto on peg 12, both getting early Bream. It soon became apparent there was no point fishing for bits as odd Bream and Tench started to be caught. With 3hrs of the match gone it looked like everyone was still in with a chance with several anglers now having caught Bream, with Adam and Matt out in front. The 4th hour was a struggle for most with the high temperatures but Match Secretary Ady Knighton was showing his class by putting 2 more Bream in the net. Danny Gaetto was starting to get bites despite the motor cross Grand Prix taking place right by him… As an aside, Danny would also like to say thanks Dave Harris for forgetting where he left his car keys that morning, which freed up the space for him to fish. The last hour saw Danny putting two more Bream in the net as well as losing a couple. The ever popular Craig Logan on peg 11 was cursing 4 lost fish in the lillies but managed to get a Tench and a Bream in the last hour to add to the 2lb of bits. At the final whistle it was clear that Adam had won but it was all down to the weigh in to find out the top 5.

1st  Adam Lagan – 17lb 4oz

2nd  Ady Knighton –  11lb 12oz +4oz casters!

3rd  Craig Logan – 11lb 9oz

4th  Danny Gaetto – 10lb 9oz

5th  Matt Gaetto – 10lb 40z


A Logan





Privates Match 08-03-2019

Privates Match 08-03-2020

We had a good turn out considering the bad weather the night before with 14 in total fishing the match. This meant there was plenty of room for all anglers with everyone having a spare peg to one side. Because of the bad weather and this being the first match on Privates this year we were unsure of the best areas to draw and whether the newly stocked fish would feed. It turned out to be a hard match all over the pond with bites hard to come by but this also made for a fair match and gave everyone a chance of winning. It was nice to see the top 3 came from different areas of the pond. First place went to Danny Gaetto – Danny had drawn peg 13 and made the decision to fish with pellet and corn which turned out to be a good one as he caught small carp, F1s and the odd skimmer. Adam drew on the road side of the pond and caught manly silvers, fishing casters short on the pole. Jonathon fished the pole over ground bait, catching small skimmers, the odd F1 and a bonus 3lb bream.

1st Danny Gaetto:  11lb 12oz – Peg 13

2nd Adam Logan:  10lb 8oz – Peg 16

3rd Jonathon Leivers:  7lb 3oz – Peg 4

Sherwood Forest Fishery – 18th September 2016

1st.  P Wells – 48lb

2nd.  A Logan – 41lb

3rd.  J Leivers – 35lb

4th. D Perry – 28lb

The fishing was really hard going this week with most struggling for bites. Finishing in first place was Paul Wells – Paul fished a really good match and fished his margin from the off catching carp to 10lb, beating Adam off the next peg. Adam fished casters for silver and managed a couple of bonus carp late on. Jonathan’s good run of form continues with third place this week. Jonathan fished maggots short for silvers and caught manly ide.

Fisherwick – 11th September 2016

1st.  J Leivers – 87lb 2oz

2nd.  M Smedley – 76lb

3rd.  C Logan – 68lb 15oz

4th. A Logan – 68lb 14oz

The fishing was good this week considering nearly all pegs were used for the match. Anglers who did draw next to a spare peg seemed to do better. Finishing in top spot this week was Jonathan Leivers – Jonathan fished hard pellet short on pole and managed to keep the fish feeding on this line all day, for his best weight on this venue.  Second went to Martin Smedley – Martin fished the feeder for most of the match, catching carp to 3lb.  Third place went to Craig Logan – Craig caught really well for the first 3 hours fishing the feeder and pellet wagler before his peg died and he couldn’t get a bite for the next hour!  He did manage to get the odd fish from his margin with 30min to go. Just missing out on third place was Adam Logan – Adam fished the feeder for the first part of the match but struggled to get regular bites.  However, a switch to the short pole line fishing meat changed his match completely and was unlucky not to frame.

Beechwood Kingfisher – 4th September 2016

1st.  D Gaetto – 54lb 6oz

2nd.  G Holmes – 50lb 13oz

3rd.  J Leivers – 50lb 6oz

4th.  C Logan – 46lb 10oz

This week was a very closely fought match, with all anglers catching steadily throughout.  Apart from match secretary Mr Knighton who didn’t even weigh in…  Danny Gaetto came in first place, drawing peg 32 for the first time – a good peg and he made the most of it.  Next peg along was Glen Holmes who fished short and pushed Danny all the way but just missed out on bragging rights on the way home.  Third place went to Jonathan Leivers who got lucky with a 15lb Carp in the last minutes of the match, pushing Craig Logan into fourth place.