20th September – Beechwood Kingfisher

Another good turn out this week with all anglers hopping for a great days fishing.  Due to the popularity of our matches sometimes the pegging can take some working out to give everyone a good chance of catching.  Unfortunately, due to club favourite Craig Logan not fishing this week, it was left up to others to arrange the pegging – much to the disappointment of everyone.  It’s unknown who pegged the match but I’m guessing they own a Labrador and a white stick as they seemed to miss out a number of pegs… This meant pegging was tight in places and left room for the fish to back off.  At least people now had an excuse as to why they didn’t catch 😉.

Craig Radford had the lucky Golden Peg this week, which was bad news to the rest of the competitors as Beechwood is one of Craig’s favourite venues.  We just had to hope he would forget to weigh in again!  The pond fished a lot harder than normal with only three anglers catching well; Jonathan Leivers on Peg 25, Ian Bradley on Peg 13 and Craig Radford on Peg 18.  Jonathan fished maggots at 14m and Ian fished hard pellets at 14m.  Craig got off to a great start, catching well in the first hour then his peg just died and he couldn’t get a bite for the next three hours. However,  in the final hour the fish turned up and he made the most of it to win the match and the Golden Peg – well done Craig!

1st  Craig Radford – 79lb 14oz

2nd  Ian Bradley – 72lb 11oz

3rd  Jonathan Leivers – 71lb 13oz

4th  Mick Burke – 39lb 14oz

Section 1  Ian Moon – 34lb 6oz

Section 2  Rob Agent – 19lb 4oz