13th September – Aldercar Railway

Aldercar hasn’t fished very well on our recent visits so we were hoping for better this time as all anglers had plenty of room with a spare peg either side.  Dave Perry had drawn the Golden Peg for a second time in as many weeks.  Club favourite Craig Logan drew Peg 26 and was hoping to make it three wins in a row.  Craig got off to a good start catching Carp on hard pellet tight to the far bank before switching to fishing paste.  However, as the match progressed a couple of lost fish meant his catch rate started to slow.  But as Craig’s peg was slowed down Sue Read on Peg 28 was catching well, fishing hard pellets short and her peg was getting better as the match progressed.  Craig Radford loves this venue and was beside himself with excitement when he draw Peg 8.  Craig fished pellet shallow for most of the match, catching carp and the odd big Ide.  Sue’s son Danny was on Peg 14 – we think – as the pegging was wrong on the bank!  Danny was catching really well down his margin.  As always it came down to the scales to decide the winner and it was Craig Radford who came out on top, with Craig Logan having to settle for second.  Well done Sue for getting one over Danny again 😉.

No photo this week as the winner is ugly…

1st  Craig Radford – 71lb 2oz

2nd  Craig Logan – 63lb 4oz

3rd  Sue Read – 62lb

Section 1  Danny Gaetto – 57lb 9oz

Section 2  Ian Bradley – 45lb 9oz