6th September – Roughs Pond – The Bruce Oscar Memorial Match

The match this week was on our own waters, on the popular Roughs pond, which meant for another good turnout.  As always there was some good banter at the draw – some directed at club favourite Craig Logan for drawing a good peg for the second week running – but mainly at Ade Knighton for his amazing tactics on the previous day’s team match, getting his team to fish for Ide when there wasn’t any in the pond!

Shaun Fogg drew the golden peg this week but unfortunately as he was on Peg 7 it looked safe for another week.  Craig Logan was on Peg 13 and his brother Adan Logan was on the next peg 12 – both got off to a great start, matching each other fish for fish but as the match went on the fishing slowed for both,  Tony Males had drawn Peg 1 and was fishing long catching big F1s and Carp until disaster struck when his pole came apart when shipping back and got stuck to the far bank meaning he had to go into the water to get it out.  Unfortunately this killed his peg and he struggled to catch after.  There was talk of getting him disqualified for wading 😂

With an hour to go “The Treble” John Lowe on Peg 14 was starting to catch on paste and looked to be putting a weight of Carp together. It was another close match with most anglers catching good weights. First to weigh in was Tony on Peg 1 and he looked have won the match, putting 29lb on the scales.  The next good net of fish came from Adam Logan weighing 26lb but could his brother beat him….  With a fantastic weight of 31lb Craig not only beat his brother but had enough to win the match for the second week running.

1st  Craig Logan  – 31lb 10oz

2nd  Tony Males – 29lb 10oz

3rd  Adam Logan – 26lb 8oz

4th  John Lowe – 19lb

Section 1 – Ralph Marshall  – 10lb 5oz

section 2 – Ian Bradley – 18lb 1oz

Craig L 06-09-2020

Craig Trophey

T Males